Tropical en Suecia


A game that saw an unchanged back line and a few changes in midfield and attack. Out go Ruben, in comes Tana, out goes David Timor and in comes Maikel Mesa.
Slow start to the game see Elche have more of the ball and the better of the early chances.
Amazingly it took the referee as long as 17 minutes to produce a card. The game plan from Elche seem to be to stop Tana influencing the game as we go forward. 
Elche break down the right and have a man over to the left, a good effort and a big save from Raúl Fernández. 
The best chance of the half for the visitors, Araujo slides Rafa Mir through into the area and the ball hits the post and goes wide with 6 mins of the first half left.
Three yellow cards for Elche in first half. It's no surprise. They're either very slow, or we are too quick, I have a feeling it's a mix of both.
I can't see a shape to our midfield and attack. We have players on the bench that can provide natural width, Dani, Blum, Fidel, this game is crying out for two out of those three. Rafa Mir looks isolated, has Ruiz de Galarreta touched the ball yet?
Better start to the second half from Las Palmas. A quicker start. 
A long throw on the hour leads to a goal mouth scramble, how the home team have not scored I have no idea! A huge chance to break the deadlock.
The changes I mention happen, Rafa Mir off for Ruben. That should spell the end of the goof ball we seem to have adapted. Further changes happen. Blum on for Tana and shortly after Fidel on for Ruiz de Galarreta. Straight away we seem more balanced.
The host have a penalty shout, it would've been a soft one had it been given! 
Ruben has a goal disallowed with 3 minutes to go. A free kick to the back post, the ball played back across goal for an easy tap in. In this case, I think it was the right call. Juan Cala looks to be off in the first phase.  
Overall, we were poor. There is no shape to the front five. 
No links, no balance, no idea.
Lucky to get a point.