Amarillos por el Mundo en Huelva


MANOLO JIMÉNEZ, Gracias pero Adiós.

▸ 15 matches.
▸ 5 victories (33.33%).
▸ 7 draws (46.67%).
▸ 3 defeats (20.00%).

So what happened? Last night club president, Miguel Á Ramírez, said it was a difficult time for all at the club and that we are not in a position we expected to be in at this stage.

The question is, where should we be? Several things happened this summer. We had a say in 46 players futures. How can any manager expect a team to gel in a pre season with so many changes?? Obviously questions are then asked about those we signed but haven't seen. Pekhart for example, Fidel, Nauzet Perez, the inclusion of Parras from the Cantera as well. Speaking of the Cantera, the team had lost some of its identity in the months leading up to our relegation. Signing players who had no association to the island or understand what it means to wear the yellow. There was a big plan to re implement this feeling. Nauzet Perez, Ruben Castro, Deivid. Just 3 of those to arrive, but we also had several leave, Vicente Gomez, David Simon, Borja Herrera.

My biggest complaint from Jiménez's time in charge was the lack of width, shape and ideas.
When I first started watching Las Palmas it was clear the ball was moved quickly, the transition from defence to attack was smooth and we used the whole width of the pitch. I called this out on my last article. Last night, a start for Blum, but in the right hand side of a midfield 4..... Loco!!! There is no shape. There is no width. There is no ideas. This then brings us to the age old question ..... Is it the manager or is it the players?

A quick review of the last 5 games,

20OCT, 3-0 win v Numancia. A great win against a team in last season's play offs. An early goal. A comfortable win. The first game with Mir, Castro, Araujo up front. This was good. It excited the fans.

27OCT, 2-2 draw v Mallorca. Where the problems started. A brilliant first 15 mins. 2-0 up. A poor 75mins to follow. Conceded 2 quick goal before half time and never looked like re taking the lead. 2 points lost.

3NOV, 1-1 v Depor. A point I'd have taken at the start of the season before a ball was kicked. Again, we take the lead and sit back. Why? No confidence? Was she game before playing on their minds? Who gives players the confidence? Players? Managers? The fans? A dsickening injury time goal conceded, 2 points lost.

10NOV, 0-0 V Elche. The less said about this game the better. One positive, Tana can play with Mir and Araujo. However, that transition from defence to attack I mentioned, was evident in this game, Mir was isolated too many times. A game crying out for width.

16NOV, 2-2 v Granada. After a dodgy penalty was saved I was thinking, we will win this. Not for another late equaliser though. Some have blamed Raul. Truth is, he has kept us in games this season. So that is harsh. Again, 2 points dropped. The final straw it seems.

We just cannot hold on to a lead. Promotion. Chasers do not give away late goals, make mistakes and they do not drop points.

A few English fans commented last night,

Tom Thacker on hearing Paco Herrera returns, "I'll welcome him back as a hero."
Christopher Kilpatrick, "had a feeling it was on the horizon."
Matt Jones, Gran Canaria resident, "Jimenez had a very difficult job of having so many comings and goings In the summer following relegation. #ramirezfuera."
Alan Horne, "A bit hire fire in Spain. Could come back to haunt us."
Ryan Gooding, "Welcome back Paco."

So in comes Paco Herrera, does this mean a return to the style of play I became accustomed to? Dani driving down the left at every opportunity? Parras getting a chance to stake a claim for a RB slot? Will we see the same Araujo that fired us into La Liga? Not the one currently playing on the left of a front 3 or midfield 4?
Am I a fan of the retuning manager? Derby County is my team and home city, look what we did with Steve McClaren, it didn't really have the desired effect. Let's see.

Lots of questions, hopefully we see answers on the pitch.