Amarillos por el Mundo en Sabadell


Friday night saw Gimnastic de Tarragona arrive at the Estadio Gran Canaria. Midweek, Nastic's manager had said they were coming to the island "prepared to win." Well, he was optimistic. 
Why have I only called this a 4 star performance? In one way, it reflects the scoreline. Another way, it may have been good to watch, but there is still room for improvement. 
A lot has changed over the summer. The club involved in the fate of 46 players in total. 3 players making their debut on Friday. Alberto De La Bella, David Timor and Maikel Mesa. 
The game started slowly. But there was signs of something we hadn't seen for a long time, keeping the ball. The first 15 mins was all UDLP. To make the possession count, we could have done with a goal before half time. While Nastic camped in their own half, we could have been quicker with the passing, more decisive and possibly more risky in looking for the killer pass. 
A very harsh red card in my opinion on the half hour mark, and the game changed. I enjoyed what followed. 
We kept the ball well, moved it quicker in the second half. We were contesting second balls and we were chasing things down. 2 goals came from the ball being played back into the box after a cleared or over hit cross. 
So what did we need to do to make it a 5 star performance? We need to do it against a better side, Nastic are not going to challenge like we will. We need to be looking for the killer pass a little sooner. We need to move the ball a little quicker. 
The cup game this week may give us chance to see some of the fringe players make an appearance. Nauzet in goal, Parras on the right and Mantovani in the back 5. There is a lot of choice in midfield, I don't think Jiminez knows his best midfield yet, so we may see something different.
Nos vemos en el Estadio en Diciembre!!